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  • Revolutionary Z-Flex Technology
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The Name If You Snore

Double the Weapons in the Battle against Snoring.

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  • Revolutionary Z-Flex Technology
    Comfortably stabilizes the passageway of the mouth.
    Gently and safely advances the jaw slightly forward
Nothing Compares to Zyppah Rx
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ZYPPAH combines two solutions to address your snoring problem

ZYPPAH Rx is an FDA-cleared, self-molded, boil-and-bite oral appliance that is effective, safe and easy to use. What makes it an effective solution to eliminate snoring and different from every oral appliance sold, is ZYPPAH Rx combines two solutions to address your snoring problem instead of one solution like everyone else.

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    ZYPPAH uses mandibular repositioning (advancing the jaw forward slightly) to partially open the airway. By moving the lower jaw forward from its normal position during sleep, you can improve the airflow and reduce the snoring sound. This process is used in almost every oral appliance sold. Until ZYPPAH, the only means of treating snoring with an oral appliance was mandibular advancement, but there is a limit to how far you can advance the lower jaw.

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    ZYPPAH Rx uses a patent-pending elastic (holds and stabilizes the tongue). This prevents the tongue from falling back into the throat and further opens the airway. The tongue, which is a muscle, relaxes during sleep. The ZYPPAH Rx elastic stabilizes tongue, but does not inflict the gag reflex. When combined these two solutions create a highly effective treatment to eliminate snoring. The tongue relaxing is the root cause of snoring. It's why when you sleep on your back the snoring is usually louder. Gravity is causing the tongue to fall back. It's also why you are elbowed by your bed partner and asked to "roll over" and sleep on your side.

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What Causes Snoring?

There are several misconceptions regarding the root cause of snoring. It is not uncommon for people to think snoring is caused by the nose. If that were true, people would snore during the day. It is accepted in both the medical and dental communities that snoring only occurs during sleep. Most people don't know why people snore. In order to effectively treat snoring, Dr. Greenburg explains what causes snoring.

Zyppah Rx invented by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg

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